How to: Bleach your hair + Colisi Bleaching Powder and Lan.Caress Developer Review

Here’s a review on my Quiapo finds last, last month; at the same time, this would be a tutorial/photo diary on how to mix these chemicals or how to bleach your own hair.


Clean your body, except your head. (I’ve tried 5 days.) This is for letting the natural oils of your scalp spread around your head, the natural oils will help lessen the damage that bleaching will give your hair.

You can add in VCO or olive oil, too.

Get your tools:

  • Non-metallic bowl (for mixing chemicals)
  • Tinting brush
  • Gloves!
  • Vaseline/ lotion
  • Hair clips (large mouth clips)
  • Measuring cup (optional, you can use any non-metallic scoop)
  • Bleaching powder
  • Bleaching oxidant or developer (30/40 vol.)
  • Hair toner (you will need developers for some toners, or click here for an alternative)
  • Hair treatment creams

Before bleaching:

  1. Prepare all the tools you need.
  2. Set-up your space; make sure the room’s ventilated because the smell would be strong and it can sting your eyes. Use old newspapers to cover up the floor, table or desk, whatsoever around you.
  3. Wear an old shirt or top that you don’t care about staining.
  4. Remove your earrings and other metallic accessories that you’re wearing.
  5. Put a generous amount of vaseline or lotion around your face, behind the ears (and your ears, themselves), the nape, and upper part of your back, (especially when you have long hair.)
  6. Mix it uppp! Ratio is 1 part bleach powder:2 parts developer

20140325-024149 PM.jpg20140325-024035 PM.jpg

20140325-024126 PM.jpg

20140325-024133 PM.jpgMix until “batter consistency:”Mixed - Check out that consistency!

Part your hair into four sections. Start at the lower back part of your hair.20140325-024052 PM.jpg
Get a pinch-sized section of your hair and, using your brush, start at the roots, all the way down to the tips of your hair. This is for an equal distribution of hair bleach on all your hair that will result in even lightening.

20140325-024019 PM.jpg

Work on the next parting, going up. When you’re done — make sure you did not miss a spot — you can cover your hair with a shower cap to lock-in the heat on your head.

Leave it on for 20-40 minutes maximum. Clean up the mess while waiting!

Rinse it out with running freezing cold water, avoid eye contact, use shampoo (to remove bleach residues on your head) then conditioner. 

Hair is already damaged, do not blow dry. Use deep conditioning for the next 2 months. Do not bleach your hair twice within 2 months — one month, tops. Unless you want to go bald.

10 thoughts on “How to: Bleach your hair + Colisi Bleaching Powder and Lan.Caress Developer Review

  1. Hello i just want to ask ganu kadami ung bleaching powder ang gamit mo sa 60 ml na oxidizing lotion

    1. The ratio for the powder and developer would be 1:2. I suggest kuha ka ng cup, then every 1 cup ng powder, add 2 cups of oxidizing lotion.

    1. Hi SevPOOTS! Thank you for your comment. If you have virgin hair before those bleaching, it still has the strength to undergo those chemicals without breaking. However, it will be damaged, no matter how little it is. I’ve done 3 bleaching sessions in a week before, but I do *not* advise it to other people to try. Well then, great for you, and your hair! Keep it healthy.

  2. Hello po
    Ask ko lang po if gano kalight ang hair after i bleach gamit po yung products na binili nyo po
    Yung 9% po ba effective para makapagblonde ng hair?
    Salamat po 🙂

    1. Hi Ariande ,for me, yes 9% is enough, and 12% is too much damage. Few bleaching process is needed to get the lightest blonde. Have patience and try to do it in a healthier way! Goodluck! 😊

  3. Hi Ariande,

    Depends on the developer and hair condition, and the process, too. Kung first time mo palang mag-bleach, say Jet Black ‘yung current hair color mo, you will need to bleach your hair multiple times; the more you do it, the more it will lighten (and gets damaged.) Yes, 9% or Vol. 30 developers would work best for a higher lift similar to 12% or Vol. 40 but with less damage.
    I suggest you read a lot about hair bleaching before jumping right at it. Good luck! Thank you!

    1. Hi Ashley, do you mean the process of applying the bleach itself? If you want to be so keen and make sure you get through all of the hair strands, it might take you 45 minutes to an hour. But remember to soak it in your hair for a maximum of 20 minutes.

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