Hair Chronicles: Blonde Taste

I am back to Blonde (for now), I think level 6 (out of 10) and planning to go Græy before Friday.

I’m going to post photos and which products I used, soon. Please bear with me as my first endorsement for my undergraduate thesis is on Friday. And I don’t know why I chose this time to bleach my hair.

Update: April 2015

As I’ve underwent Brazilian Blow Out [just] more than a month ago before this post, I’ve felt the huge difference of the texture before and after. I immediately felt regret after I bleached my hair. That money I spent for the blow out was blown. out. (Ha ha)

But then, here we are, I bleached it twice(?) — I can’t actually remember though because of the great focus on thesis work. Sported the ugly brassy hair for a few days, then used a cheap Violet hair color to remove the brassy tones. Now, I went wrong with this one because it has a Red base. If you are going to cancel out the Orange and Yellow tones on your bleached hair, use a Purple color, making sure it has a Blue base (meaning the color blue is the abundant primary color than color red; basic color math that I’ve failed to do.) I ended up just coloring my entire head with it and wore it for a few months…  Which turned out to be my hair color on my official graduation photo. I think now I’m having regrets with it.

Bleached my hair again, after a month or so, and used Pixxel in Lightest Ash Blond where its magic did not work that much on the brass. The lower ends of my hair turned out silvery while the top of my head still looks like orange.

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