Quiapo Haul + Price Comparison

Products I bought today:

Yesterday, I decided to drop by at Quiapo on my way to UST (to fix my final requirement/s for my thesis adviser) and looked for the shop where I bought my first hair bleaching powder tub and developer early last year.

First off is COLISI Keratin Blowout Hair Treatment in Milk Essence. I got this for only PhP 100.00! Which is quite cheap for a nice quality — I said that because compared to other products there, it has a nice packaging (tub design) and spelling check is on while making the instructions + grammar. (Other tubs goes from PhP 75.00 – 85.00.) But what it would do to my hair, let’s see. Another steal is the SEMON Professional Hair Coloring Cream in Blue. I only got this crazy hair color for only PhP 55.00. Imagine, this is already on the higher quality line. They also have cheaper tubes like the ones in HBC stores (which, by the way, retails from PhP 135.00 to 180.00 per tube.) They have similar brands, like Bremod which only costs PhP 45.00/tube. And even cheaper PhP 35.00. They are such a steal!

Aaand, of course, I got myself another set of bleach powder and developer (because I realized I’ve already used up all the first ones I’ve bought January last year,) in different brand names than the first ones I got from them. I got the Decolor Powder Hair Fashion bleaching powder for PhP 90.00 (They have Bremod for PhP 150.00) and the Korcs Oxidant Cream only for PhP 85.00/1000 mL. Don’t ask me if that’s legit Korean Hangeul symbols, I don’t know. I know most of the products in there are ‘Made in China.’

I’ll surely go back anytime soon to buy hair toners (they din’t have it at this time) and a lot of hair coloring tubes in ash blonde to tone down all the brassiness that these bleaching will give my haiiir. Wait up for the reviews of each product soon as I try to fry my hair again for the nth time!

2 thoughts on “Quiapo Haul + Price Comparison

  1. Hi 🙂 I would like to ask kung ano yung name ng shop na binilhan mo ng mga products na yan or kung di mo alam ano yung mga stores na malapit sa kanya? Kasi since mukhang maganda ang results nung hair bleach mo don I’m planning to buy also. BTW your blog is so informative I love your reviews 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! I appreciate your remarks on this blog. Regarding the store, I actually forgot the name of the shop but it sounds like “Everlasting.” It’s along Hidalgo St. (Plaza Miranda side) for sure.

      I think the results also depend on the brand of the products and if you can, do check the contents. The attendants there are friendly, you can ask them — they’ve tried some of the products there and they would surely give you their insights on which works better.

      Good luck!

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