Lush Daddy-O: Review

I went to the mall this morning and happened to peek inside LUSH. I have been seeing this product when I was searching for purple shampoos for blonde hair.

Well, lucky me that got surprised that it’s available in our country. I managed to get my hands (or hair) on it for 899 PHP (~17 USD) for 250g. Plus a sample of their Marilyn Hair Treatment.

I can’t tell if the Marilyn Hair treatment really works — because it’s just a sampler to the heavily damaged and porous hair of mine; but it smells good, (– everything smells good in LUSH, though) and I would like to try the full product soon since I’ve searched and read good reviews about it.

LUSH Daddy-O smells so gooooood! It smells through the entire room – not kidding! It is really deep purple in color and, of course, organic.

I tried it a few times by now and so far, I’ve been loving the subtle results — which is good for maintaining the neutral blonde hair or keeping off the “brassiness.” You can always leave it longer on your hair if you wanted more purple pigment to seep through and hold unto your hair; or if you wanted to go metal silver, why not!

9/10 would buy again!

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