Hair Chronicles: Back To Blue with Sunbright Series and Bremod + Bleach Powder

Not the first time I experienced disappointment with this type of hair dye that comes in tubes. But then, I bought it for a very low price that it feels like I don’t have much right to complain about it not being Violet, but Brown. Happened twice, thus, I will never consider purchasing Violets from its line anymore.

I want to get back to Blue just in time for two major upcoming events this month. A party and our company outing. So I’d gone past through the staged set-up for the last Miting De Avance that’s setting up at Plaza Miranda and bought a new bleach powder, and a Blue and Silver Ash color tubes.

The bleach powder is greater than the first two tubs I’ve tried. I think it’s milder in terms of processing or frying your hair.

I did a little experiment with the colors

I emptied the remaining Bremod color tube I used before, in Blue, for my roots and Sunbright’s Silver Ash for the lower part of my shaft.

I was trying to mix in a Blue-ish Grey as a result, but then I realized I just put in way too much of Blue that it overpowered the Silver. I like the result though, I just think it would have been better if the Blue was on a lighter note (β€” anyway, you’ll just have to wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to fade it out faster.

Here’s a stack of photos of my now blue Ombre hair:

The next day (washed twice).
The next day (washed twice).
The next day (washed twice).
The next day (washed twice).

19 thoughts on “Hair Chronicles: Back To Blue with Sunbright Series and Bremod + Bleach Powder

  1. OMG. just came across ur blog. And ur hair is to die for! huhu.

    hmm. can i ask sime advice and tips or whatsoever?. πŸ˜€

    i dyed my hair with a brown dye but turned out black?huhu. wtf, right?

    now, i wanna strip off this damn black dye.

    what can i do about it?

  2. Hi! Seems like your used in dying your hair. I wanted to try coloring mine but confuse on how much % oxidant cream should I use. I’m a newbie. Hope you can share some tips, don’t want to ruin my hair.

    1. Are you bleaching or are you dying? You could do bleaching with 9% oxidant, max. No need to go 12%. Leave it on your hair 25 minutes maximum. As for color dyes that needs oxidants, go with 3% or 6%. You only need to develop the color anyways. Maybe you could leave the color 15-40 minutes. Check it every now and then. And of course, be cautious.

  3. I guess you should try box dyes sold at drugstores or groceries with Bleach content. As for what I understood about what you’ve said, the color did not show because your hair is too dark. So you might need to lift it up a little. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I’m planning to dye my hair gray, may i ask where specifically in quiapo did you bought your dying tools? Thank you!

  5. Hi, okay lang bang [i-mix] yung Bremod + conditioner to achieve pastel color? I have the blue one kasi, and I am not sure if kakapit siya if [i-mimix] ko sa conditioner lang? Need ko din ba ihalo [‘yung] developer para kumapit? Help, [I’m] confused. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ji,

      You are right; using conditioner will weaken the grip of pigments to your hair. It will be pastel color given the right ratio, but the color will fade faster if you’re using conditioner in the mix.

      If you could find an already light shade to apply directly to your hair, it’s much better.

  6. Hi! Im planning to dye my hair blue. What do i do first? Do i have to bleach my hair first? If i have to, anong bleaching powder ang marerecommend mo? Thanks!

    1. Hi Isabela,

      If your hair is black, you need to bleach it so you will have a lighter hair. Imagine a cream-colored paper, where you will color with a blue color pencil. This blue color will not show up in a black paper.

      There is a sea of products for bleaching hair. You can check out some of my posts for your reference. But you can always invest in well-known brands for hair products whenever your budget permits.

  7. Hi your hair looks awesome! I want to dye my hair pastel blue but what I have is the basic blue powdered dye. Should I mix in the conditioner plus 9% or 12% developer/oxidizer on my bleached hair for a pastel finish? Sorry newbie eh. Hope you can help me. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Althea, PASTEL COLORS — that would be very hard to achieve if you have the (normally) Asian jet black hair. It’s possible but it would take lots of patience. How light is your hair now? Pastel blue can be achieved if you have bleached hair close to platinum blonde.

      Honestly, I haven’t tried using a powder hair dye; can you give me the brand name? Check if you really need to mix a developer with the dye to make it work. I suggest using only 6% (20 vol.) that would be enough to “develop” the dye and not damage your hair that much — again, I have not tried the powder dye so I’m not sure with the volume you need.

      Hope the results would be in your favor. If you could share with us your experience, it would be appreciated. β™₯

  8. Thanks for the reply. πŸ™‚

    My current hair color right now is blonde-ish light brown. Ran out of bleaching powder when I bleached the first time so this weird color was the outcome. 😦 Will try to re-bleach again before trying the pastel blue. (Wish me luck. XD)

    The brand of the powder is DecoloR it’s dark blue. They usually use a developer with that, but since I’m aiming for the pastel blue shade I was wondering if I need to mix in the developer with the conditioner and powder to make it lighter and last longer.

    Sorry for the newbie questions. πŸ™‚

    1. If you would dye your hair in its current shade with blue, I can see that it would turn green. Do bleach it again then tone it. Bleach your hair again if you need to, until you go light blonde β€” be cautious of bleaching procedure and waiting time! β€” and tone every time.

      I did a little research on it and it looks familiar. I think I saw DecoloR in one of the online shops on Instagram. You need a developer for it, yes, as what I’ve also read on the internet. I think you can go with the 6% since you just need something to trigger the dye. Yes, do add white conditioner to make it lighter though it would make it stay less longer. Adjust your ratio as you wish.

      No need to be sorry for asking questions! I actually like it when I get to help you out in a way and it’s perfectly normal to be curious! πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks again for the reply. πŸ™‚ Will try the 6% after re-bleaching again. πŸ™‚ Will also update you and take a photo when I’m done. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for the help. πŸ™‚

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