Saturday Haul x Raspberry Ombré

On our way to Escolta on a Saturday, I asked my good friends if we could stop by at Hidalgo St. in Quiapo to buy my hair staples.

I immediately went to the stack of Sunbright Series but apparently, they don’t have stocks on all the colors I’ve picked… but ate went and suggested another brand with the colors I was looking for. Lo, and behold, the new name on the shelves: Toni&Guy Color Cream.

Toni&Guy Color Creams; 6% Sunbright Series Developer
Toni&Guy Color Cream Tubes
Blue Toni&Guy Color Cream
3 minutes after mixing Blue Toni&Guy color cream with developer
10 minutes (halfway through dyeing my hair) after mixing the Blue Toni&Guy color cream with developer

As you guys would know, I’m refraining from bleaching my hair too often because mine gets brittle easily. So, my hair color before applying these products is green-ish grey (kind of similar to seafoam green) and you might be expecting another result, but in my humble opinion, these type of hair dyes are too strong that the shade color is not considered a factor, as long as it’s light enough to show pigment.

My point is, you don’t have to re-bleach your hair every time you want to change colors, because, aside from it takes another 60+ minutes from your time, it damages the hair more. Fade it out until it’s too light and apply colors above it.

Before application

I dyed the upper half of my hair with the blue and waited for 30 minutes before I washed it. I used the leftover dye to quick-wash the lower half of my hair to give it a light shade of Blue.

This is to achieve the Purple color once the Red pigment is applied. Red + Blue = Violet.

Red Toni&Guy Color Cream
Last Application: Red Toni&Guy Color Cream

I left the Red for 20 minutes and washed with Shampoo & Conditioner. I actually slept in while my hair was (air)drying.

Next day after wash.
Next day after wash.
Next day after wash.


This is one of the color combinations that I’ve never been bored of… in its lifespan. It lasted for about two and half (2.5) weeks with bathes using shampoo every day.

Do you think I should dye my hair again in this color gradient?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Haul x Raspberry Ombré

  1. Hi! May I know how this turned out? 🙂 And how much are the color tubes? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Joanne, I forgot to upload the after photos. But I’ve now updated the post. *hihi* Also, color tubes at the shelves costs ~35 pesos each. I heard they also offer wholesale prices.

  2. Thank you! I went to quiapo last week and purchased a color tube. Currently bleaching my hair. Any tips on how to lessen the damage? Thank you!

    1. Best you could do, DIY wise, is to skip baths 2-3 days before bleaching; and/or apply generous amount of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and bleach directly on top of it. Good luck!

  3. Hello again. I’m sad to say that the bleach had little effect on my hair even thought i did it twice, 1:2 ratio with more developer. I was also disappointed with the hair dye. The saleslady referred me to the G2 brand colored green. When I opened the tube, it was white. Called the shop and they said ganun daw talaga. I-mix daw sa oxiziding tapos ilagay sa hair. Doing that right now but there seems to be no color. 😦

  4. How long should I mix the developer and the color cream? Does it usually change colors? 😦 I tested it on my hair (color nya after mixing is like a dirty white) and rinsed it off after 30 minutes but it didn’t give me any color, or if it did, it only darkened my hair. 😦 Is it possible that I would have to mix the whole tube with the developer for it to turn into the color I chose?

    1. Hi Joanne, I think you have to be a little more patient with the bleaching. You may actually need one or two more pass on it. (I also kind of noticed that too, before, when I tried to make every bleaching happen in a single day: Nothing much took effect after the first one.)

      With the dye, as you can see with the photos, the Blue one is really white. Same with the other tubes I bought before, with a different brand. They all worked fine.

      After thoroughly mixing the cream and developer, try leaving it for 3 minutes to settle. Mix it again before application to hair. Do this the next day after bleaching.

      Still, if nothing happens, try giving your hair rest for at least a week, or even better, a month or two. Use clarifying shampoos and generous amount of conditioner. Another option would be going to the salon and let the professionals handle it.

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