DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” at DFA NCR West SM Manila

I am sharing and speaking from my experience when I applied at DFA NCR West, 5/F SM Manila, near Manila City Hall.

Before going to any DFA Branch, prepare your documents plus a photocopy of your ID.

I entered the DFA Authentication area at about 11:22am and out at 12:05pm, including the line and the walk in and out of the passport processing area’s cashier. 

Process (45 minutes):

  1. You will be asked to turn off your phones before entering, so do so beforehand. Cameras and food are also prohibited.
  2. Present your documents at the entrance of DFA upon inspection.
  3. You will be asked if you want Express (1 working day) or Regular (4 working days) processing.
  4. The inspector will hand you the form for the type of process that you prefer.
  5. There are three (3) rows of seats where all of you will be seated whilst filling up the form. (It moves so be considerate to all people behind you).
  6. On your turn, present the form, photocopy of ID, and documents for authentication.
  7. Once document/s are verified, you will be given four (4) copies of what would be your receipt/claim slip.
  8. Go out of the authentication processing area and go to the passport processing area cashier.
  9. Present the slips at the cashier and pay the required fee: Express (PHP 200/document); Regular (PHP 100/document). Prepare exact amount as much as possible.
  10. Cashier will give you back the two (2) slips. A pink and a blue one.
  11. Go back to the authentication area and drop the pink receipt. Keep the blue one as your claim slip on the release date.
  12. Express processed documents can be claimed the next working day. 
  13. Regular processed documents can be claimed on the fourth (4th) working day from the date of application.

14 thoughts on “DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” at DFA NCR West SM Manila

  1. Ma’am any idea kung anong gagawin sakaling respresentative nalang ang magprocess ng red ribbon sa DFA? Pls reply on my email. Thank you

  2. Hi ma[‘a]m, allowed po ba magpa[-]Red Ribbon ulit kung ipapa[-]update ang COE? Halimbawa tapos na [akong magpa-]CAV and after 5 to 6 mos., [nag-]update ako ng COE ko. P’wede po ba e-as one ulit ang pagpapa[-]CAV ng COE or ‘yong in-update lang ang ipapa-CAV. Pa[a]no po ba ‘yon? Any idea po?

  3. Hi, may I ask if there’s a required size of bond paper when the DT Form 002 will be photocopied? The page doesnt fit on a long bond paper so I have it photocopied in A4. Thanks

  4. hi maam…kailangan po ng husband ko na e pa red ribbon yung birth and marriage certificate and NBI naka authenticated na po sya lahat…kailangan bang DFA authenticated sya bago ma pa red ribbon.

    1. Hi Rhea, DFA Authentication is a certificate with Red Ribbon and seal on it. That’s why it is known as “Red Ribbon” but it is the same thing.

  5. Hello po, ask ko lng po if need pa ba tlaga ipa rtc muna ang COE before sa DFA?
    Salamat po. Pano po if andito ako sa oversea and ung SPA ko po sa mother ko sya magprocess?

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