What About This Blog?

“Iamdyeing” could mean two things: not actually ‘dying,’ but I am D-I-Y-ing, or I am dye-ing my hair — or both, in almost all cases. *shrugs* Which is exactly what this blog is all about. This is a personal blog for a timeline of events regarding my porous hair, which can be of help to your DIY hair dyeing, however —

DISCLAIMER: Please take note that…

I am not a professional hair dresser / hair stylist; neither did I took up seminars or classes to certify that I can do whatever I am doing to my own hair. What I know about hair bleaching, hair coloring/ dyeing, and hair care are from the pools of the internet and, of course, my own experience.

If it happens that you are to attempt DIY bleaching and/or dyeing, remember that you are doing it at your own risk.

All photos, unless stated otherwise, are under © Nikita Usal.  Photos are not to be used without the owner’s permission.


2 thoughts on “What About This Blog?

    1. Hi Doty. Basically, my hair gets greasy easily if I don’t use shampoo. And it depends, actually. Sometimes, I want to tone down the color very fast so would use shampoo almost everyday until I get the shade I wanted then gradually lessen the use of shampoo to every other day.

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