Hair Timeline: The Beginnings

Starting from my Virgin Jet Black hair — the common color we, Asians, have.

I remembered just now, when I was little and saw my mom tinting her hair Black (because her white hair is becoming all dominant because of age,) I insisted she tint my hair too — c’mon, I was a kid, like about 9 years old — and she did. And after that, when ever she tints her hair, she does mine, too. I think, a couple of times.

I really have no idea about hair coloring the first time I did it (yeah, I’ve been looking up on the internet on how to “lighten” my hair) and with a very little research, I ended up purchasing Dariya Palty Hairdye in Mecha Flash Bleach Sparkling Blonde from an online shop selling Japanese products here in the Philippines.

FRONT. Photo not mine.
BACK. Photo not mine.

This is way back in Summer of 2011. I did not took a photo of it, (I think I did, but cannot find it anymore,) but I remembered quite well how it works for me. This quick review would


It contains a bottle + comb-like end (where you mix all chemicals you find inside the box, except the sachet of conditioner — time to be a chemist — ) Bleaching Powder sachet (where the magic comes from, together with the…) developer, conditioning shampoo, instructions/manual and gloves.

NOT Sparkling blonde, but Mecha Flash Bleaching Kit — yet similar to the contents of Sparkling blonde. Photo not mine.

It’s made for teenagers, just like me, aged 16 (turning 17) that time. It does not smell bad — or strong, like your usual hair dyes that stings. It does not leave your hair damaged! You have that small packet of Conditioning liquid after-all.

I left it for about 40 minutes. I followed the instructions, yes — which, by the way, is in Japanese (Nihonggo characters), but you can settle with the drawings, which is easier in any way. It left my hair undamaged, like I said. Quite soft afterwards, actually.

April 2011 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

I bleached my hair a few days before our flight to UAE, and knowing that its in the Middle East, it’s normally hot all. the. time. Which may cause the fading of the color right away, but my mom bought me a L’oreal Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair, that help in maintaining the color of my hair until I went back to the PH.

That’s it for my first time. Mind telling me your history?



Quiapo Finds: Colisi Hair Bleach and Lan.Caress Developer

People living in Metro Manila knows where/what Quiapo is, for those who, I’m afraid, does not, it is a home for every product you need, with of course, a reasonable price.

We were originally looking for Instax Films for my friend, Winona (after we’ve left my prescription eyeglasses, for a while, for replacing its lens with the graded ones — you can buy cheap eyeglass frames and prescription ones at Paterno street). We swept the whole Hidalgo street looking for the cheapest film for their trip to Beijing. It is when we stumbled upon a shop filled with hair-related products.

I haven’t had the time to take note of the shop’s name, but it was just along Hidalgo street, along with the photography-stuff shops; this one’s near the plaza already. It has shelves and shelves of large bottles and tubs for hair care and some cosmetics and nail polishes along the aisle. But long story short, I picked out a hair bleach and a developer. After-all, I was planning to buy and use Hydrogen Peroxide to lighten my hair by summer, hence my plan of a blue/pink hair by that time.


This is LAN.CARESS Create Perfect “Fashion Professional Peroxides Milk” which is a Volume 30 (9%) Oxidizer — which I got for only Eighty-five pesos (85 Php) only!!! That’s for a Thousand milliliters (1000 mL) already!


I was thinking about getting a 6% oxidizer, unlike the last ones that I have been using, which is a 60mL Volume 30 (9%) Oxiding Emulsion Cream by Mondes Professional — which, by the way, I got from a Hortaleza branch at a nearby mall for about Twenty pesos (20PHP) — because I wanted to try a less damaging bleaching process, which can be achieved by choosing the lesser percentage…

But I ended up buying a 9% anyway. I’m afraid 6% will not work its magic on my hair.



It has a nose for its opening and has a poorly printed Manufacturing/Expiry date at the bottom of the [big] bottle, that I cannot even read it, much less guess the date, but most probably this’ll be good for 3 years after its manufacturing year, 2013… I don’t know if that’s September.

I’ll just probably use it all up — or share it with a friend — before 2015 ends. Anyway, in estimate: 1000mL / 60mL = 16.66 bottles, rounding it off to, say 16, which costs around x 18Php/each = that is 300 Pesos for a thousand mL. I get to save 200+ in my pocket.


And this is so much steal! Colisi Hair Bleaching Powder, 450~500 grams for only Seventy-Five  Pesos (75 PHP)!


I looked up the brand’s name on the internet – just now – because I’m not quite sure if it’s ‘Colisi’ or ‘Coilsi’, and found out that this is made by Sophia Marie — I haven’t had a thorough review on their products but I will make my own, anytime soon.DSC_0148 DSC_0149

I know you have this idea that both products are China-made. We both know it. All of the things we own are Made In China, but you can check out the ingredients on both products, printed and labeled. I don’t know with Colisi, but it has different languages on it, Chinese isn’t one. The Manufacture/expiry date are clear on this one, at the bottom of the tub.

DSC_0161DSC_0151 DSC_0153

The powder is sealed inside a plastic bag with a “bread ring” as I call it (an easily-fold-able metallic wire wrapped in a Gold-colored plastic material) just like so in the photos.

Bleach Powder

It is Blue in color, just like the ones I’m using to bleach my hair. Can you believe that I am buying that exact same thing before for Ninety Pesos (9o Php) for only a hundred grams (100 g)?

Both products just made me look at my friend, mouthing the words “score!” For these are bulk products, which I strongly think is being used at local salons, the amount I got for a little amount of money is way too exciting but maybe you’re thinking quality-wise, I’m going to try it on myself and make a documentation about it soon.