Hair Chronicles: Hair Update + Blue Grey Tip

It has been months since I posted an update or anything on this blog! The thing is… priorities smacks me in the face. Every. Day. I currently have responsibilities on a certain non-profit organization in line with my career, and at the same time, I’m enrolled at a review center in preparation for the licensure exams next year. 
But guess what I haven’t lost time to deal with? Hair color!

However, no, not really. As you would see on the following photos below, I have almost 5″ long roots. I’ve been busy that long and I did not have the luxury to dye my hair. The very last time before this post would be 2.5 months ago, during the Master Plumbers’ Oathtaking, in which I just covered my hair with Enchanted Forest, without bleaching my (already showing) roots.

Bleached once (which turned out to be uneven/pictured below) and topped with a layer of Bremod hair color tube in Blue mixed with a generous amount of white conditioner. That mix gave me a silver-y blue.

3-4 days after application, daily washing.
3-4 days after application, daily washing.
3-4 days after application, daily washing.
3-4 days after application, daily washing.
Bleached once, blue generic permanent dye with conditioner.
After application. Bleached once, blue generic permanent dye with conditioner.
I’ll let you in the not-so-secret tip; bleaching a jet black hair would give you a golden brown kind of color, if not bright yellow-orange — then, given that you’ve been taught Primary colors since Pre-school, you should know that yellow + blue would give you green. And digging more into the color wheel, violet neutralizes yellow.

From my experience, overtly neutralizing yellows gives you Silver. Hence, – you do the math.

1.5 – 2 weeks after application, toned roots, hair color back to washed up teal.
1.5 – 2 weeks after application, toned roots, hair color back to washed up teal.
1.5 – 2 weeks after application, toned roots, hair color back to washed up teal.
1.5 – 2 weeks after application, toned roots, hair color back to washed up teal.


Get That Blue Hair for Less than 100 Pesos


I stocked up for my hair color supply needs from Quiapo. As per usual: I dropped by so I could get cheaper products that works just the same.

My hair has been through a lot and currently washed out from my previous Manic Panic© Cotton Candy Pink™ (it lasted only for about 2 weeks) over a bleached hair at about level 8 blonde.

I decided to try the color that I’ve long been planning to wear, which is Blue-blue. From experience, these color tubes (which costs around 35-45 pesos/piece) would do the trick. It always depends, of course, on your hair situation!

The process

I just want to warn you about its difference with semi-pemanent jar dyes, which you can put on directly to your hair; because these color tubes similar to these requires developer to process, and developers are oxidizers, and oxidizing damages your hair. Also, developers contain ammonia: it smells so bad that you should work with your hair in open air.

Prepare your tools. Find a well-ventilated room. Call a friend!

Mix 1 part dye with 1 part developer. (1:1) I used 9% (30 Vol.) developer.


This certain color develops so fast that it will turn Royal Blue before you get to the next section.

After applying it, I let it sat for about 15 minutes and washed it with shampoo (to thoroughly remove excess chemicals, I wanted to fade it out a bit, anyway) and lots of conditioner.

Because of the yellow-ish blonde color I had beforehand, it turned out to be this wondeful shade of Teal (— I’m wearing teal again) which is similar to Manic Panic©’s Enchanted Forest™ after a few washes.

Hair Chronicles: Gun metal Grey hair with Manic Panic® Blue Steel™? (Review)

My Teal hair has been on the loose for two months already and my jar of Enchanted Forest™ is running out so I figured it’s time to try yet another Manic Panic shade. I was really opting for Pretty Flamingo™, but my sources (which are local online shops) ceased getting stocks for that specific shade from Manic Panic, (but I will figure out a way to achieve that coral hair color this year, for sure.)

Hair Chronicles: Bleached to Steel-Whatever to Ash Blonde with Palty Foam Hair Dye in Cinnamon Churros


It’s my second time to use Palty hair color and hey, can I just say that I love Japanese products (everything Japan are accurate and neat). With that said, of course, it never failed my expectation/s. This would be a long post containing product review and step-by-step, a bit of WHYs and HOWs, and sure, photos.

How I discovered Palty? This was the very first hair brand that desalinized my hair. This time, it’s a hair dye, not hair bleach. I’ve seen the foam type hair dye line before, online before it was available here in the Philippines.

These are some BEFORE photos under different lighting for ya’ll:   

And a side-by-side comparison of BEFORE (left) and AFTER BLEACHING (Right): The freshly bleached hair is actually lighter in person, about level 7. I just waited for about an hour after towel drying until damp… also to let my hair rest and breathe for a little while before  toning using Palty foam hair dye in Cinnamon Churros. Bought this at the nearest drugstore for 50% off its original price and I have this on store for a while because I’m kind of afraid that my “hair color goal” with this particular product will not be as I expected. 


 Finally took the courage to try it out (because I remembered I trust Japan!)

There’s a wider selection of colors from this line from Palty but only few selected colors are available right now inside the country. (The list is pictured above.)


For my hands are as small as your cat, it’s kinda big for my palm and it contains the following:

MANUAL/instruction leaflet comes together with a pair of gloves and after-color conditioner.

Mixing spatula with weird holes

Mixing cup

Hair color in tube form

Hair color developer/oxide (I’m assuming it’s 9%)    


I am really aiming for Steel Grey so I left it for another 10 minutes.

Manic Panic® Enchanted Forest™

Dang! It’s been already 1.5 weeks since I dyed my hair with Manic Panic® Enchanted Forest™. Here’s my Instagram photo updates for the meantime:

ImageFiltered using VSCOcam app, it’s really not that Blue.
ImageManic Panic® Enchanted Forest™ under daylight.I’ll get back to you — and update this post — once I finish all requirements needed for my trip out of the country. Hopefully I can share my experience with Manic Panic® in detail by then. Have a nice day!

Updated today, April 16, 2014.

I’ve got a shitty day and I have nothing left to do so might as well update this post about my hair — which has gained a lot (a lot, really) of compliments every time I go out.

I dyed my hair with Manic Panic® Enchanted Forest™ a week ago, April 6, and after 10 days, it haven’t faded that much. Remember that my hair is pre-lightened to about Level 7 or 8 by bleaching. The color turned out to be the color I expected — Teal, though color Green overpowered the Blue overtime.

Any issues encountered using Manic Panic® hair dyes? It’s my first time to dye my hair with a bright color, and using Manic Panic, the only dissatisfaction it brought to me was… it just stains too much, on my skin, on my clothes — and my pillow case and bed sheet; plus my friend’s, too. Other than staining, I have no other complaints. I love how the color stays, yes, on my hair (not on my skin.)

How am I maintaining it? I just rinse my hair with cold water. I remember using shampoo just once, after 4 days. The next day, I poured vinegar (local ones – the only available vinegar we have here, mixed with water) all over my head. Don’t worry, after air drying your hair, it shouldn’t smell.

I cannot compare Enchanted Forest™ with any other Manic Panic® hair dye colors, because I haven’t tried the others — yet. I hope I get more breaks to try and dye my hair in different colors.

Hair Timeline: The Beginnings

Starting from my Virgin Jet Black hair — the common color we, Asians, have.

I remembered just now, when I was little and saw my mom tinting her hair Black (because her white hair is becoming all dominant because of age,) I insisted she tint my hair too — c’mon, I was a kid, like about 9 years old — and she did. And after that, when ever she tints her hair, she does mine, too. I think, a couple of times.

I really have no idea about hair coloring the first time I did it (yeah, I’ve been looking up on the internet on how to “lighten” my hair) and with a very little research, I ended up purchasing Dariya Palty Hairdye in Mecha Flash Bleach Sparkling Blonde from an online shop selling Japanese products here in the Philippines.

FRONT. Photo not mine.
BACK. Photo not mine.

This is way back in Summer of 2011. I did not took a photo of it, (I think I did, but cannot find it anymore,) but I remembered quite well how it works for me. This quick review would


It contains a bottle + comb-like end (where you mix all chemicals you find inside the box, except the sachet of conditioner — time to be a chemist — ) Bleaching Powder sachet (where the magic comes from, together with the…) developer, conditioning shampoo, instructions/manual and gloves.

NOT Sparkling blonde, but Mecha Flash Bleaching Kit — yet similar to the contents of Sparkling blonde. Photo not mine.

It’s made for teenagers, just like me, aged 16 (turning 17) that time. It does not smell bad — or strong, like your usual hair dyes that stings. It does not leave your hair damaged! You have that small packet of Conditioning liquid after-all.

I left it for about 40 minutes. I followed the instructions, yes — which, by the way, is in Japanese (Nihonggo characters), but you can settle with the drawings, which is easier in any way. It left my hair undamaged, like I said. Quite soft afterwards, actually.

April 2011 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

I bleached my hair a few days before our flight to UAE, and knowing that its in the Middle East, it’s normally hot all. the. time. Which may cause the fading of the color right away, but my mom bought me a L’oreal Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair, that help in maintaining the color of my hair until I went back to the PH.

That’s it for my first time. Mind telling me your history?


Drugstore find: Watsons Tinting Set

For the new year, 3 months before my planned bleaching and dyeing (summer) I bought a tinting set for myself — because I never used a proper [or legit] one.


It comes with a tinting brush, and a mixing bowl.


It’s very cheap (PhP 79.75/set) and looks like a legit mixing bowl for hair dyes.


I don’t know if this brush would serve me well, but better than dyeing my hair using only my hands, right? (I use plastic gloves, alone, alright.)


The bowl has a nose (or handle) that you can hold unto while mixing your chemicals.


The mixing bowl has 3 measurement types (?) — one’s in ounce (oz.) and the other, I think is in milliliters (mL), both are located at the inner sides of the bowl; the third one’s at the inner base, I don’t know why it’s there, and I don’t know how it works… yet.


Just a few thoughts — it’s black. I’ve seen a clear one used by someone online, but I doubt it’s available here in our country. Yes, it’s for tinting, usually using Black or Brown hair colorants because people here are only fond of dyeing their hair in natural-looking hair colors, although there’s more of US now: but I hope Watson’s would produce a clear one, so as we can also see the measurements outside, even if it got stained (from, like, the inside.)


Second, the usual brush I see comes with a comb — back-to-back with the brush — but, I think that’s not  that necessary (just buy a cheap, plastic comb in BLACK so it matches the set, and so your set can stay uniformly Black when you dye your hair in different colors — wait, maybe that’s the reason why the bowl is Black…)

Anyway, you don’t really have to buy a “mixing bowl” to dye your hair, any PLASTIC container will do, as long as it’s clean and large enough for the amount of dye you need. 

Rememberuse plastic (or ceramic or glass) for mixing dyes and other chemicals that you’re planning to put on your hair, most especially bleach — because using metallic containers in contact with the hair dye chemicals will result in a chemical reaction that we don’t like to happen. That’s the reason why you should always remove your earrings before, during and quite after bleaching or dyeing your hair.