TOKYO TREAT Subscription Box: APRIL 2019 (Easter Surprise)

TOKYO TREAT Subscription Box: APRIL 2019 (Easter Surprise)
Redbone the cat is excited to see what’s inside and kept on sniffing it.
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At Qatar Post — Joyce’s first box from Tokyo Treat.

The April box arrived early! I got my box by 25th of March (they shipped it the same day they did a month ago for the previous box — March 12, 2019) which I did not quite expect, which is a good thing! See my first box from Tokyo Treat here.

One of my friends here in Qatar also subscribed to Tokyo Treat a few days earlier before my account was debited for this month’s box. Qatar Post did messaged her a few days earlier than me and we claimed the boxes together at the same day.

Here comes my second box from Tokyo Treat: We have an Easter-themed box for April! Very timely.

Joyce and I both got the Pepsi J-Cola Sakura (I’ve been wishing to get the Sakura Cola though) — which they replaced the Fanta Banana Yogurt with, that is supposed to come with this month’s box.

Here’s a visual overview of this month’s box:

Kind of disappointed with the shrimp chips.

For the month of April, the box comes with the Futura Egg Chocolate and TT announced it’s monthly contest to be where you should decorate the egg-shaped snack container with festive colors to celebrate Easter. Of course, I’m in to the contest. You can check and see my entry below.

Update: 10 May 2019
I did not make it to the contest but I still had fun doing it (… for the ‘gram. Kidding!)


Kit-Kat Banana is good that I kind of regret sharing it with my office mates. Tohato Caramel Corn is one of my favorites. If you know the Filipino snack Sweet Corn, that is what the Corn Potage snack tastes like.

Can’t wait for the May 2019 box to arrive. It should’ve been here by now since I was notified that my box was shipped 10th of April…

TOKYO TREAT Subscription Box: MARCH 2019 (Spring Market)

TOKYO TREAT Subscription Box: MARCH 2019 (Spring Market)

As if I still have that Japan trip hangover… I paid for a Monthly Subscription Box that contains Japanese Snacks (and a drink!) that ships from Japan. I’ve been checking out three boxes with the same theme but decided to go with Tokyo Treat first because of the drink! See photos below!

It took exactly 2 weeks and 6 days before I laid hands on this box of bites — I ordered this on 10th of February and was shipped from Tokyo to Doha on the 12th. I received a message from Qatar Post saying that I have a parcel ready for pick-up by the 3rd of March.

Upon standing at the window for the standard procedure for claiming, I have laid eyes on a neon orange box sitting on the shelves behind the personnel that I’m talking to. So it wasn’t only me!

I was so ecstatic to open it and I did right away… once I got home.

It comes with the booklet that contains a list of what’s inside the box. I was actually surprised by the number of items although I’ve known a long time ago that it contains twelve (12) full-sized snacks and a drink – I don’t know; maybe because on photos, when the contents are laid out, it feels less? But really, I can’t eat all of this in one sitting!

Unboxing with Gudetama…

The main reason why I subscribed to Tokyo Treat was the beverage that comes with the March 2019 box: Coca-Cola Peach!

I’ve already consumed my part and shared it with friends since they are all curious about it. It tastes and smells good! I like how it is a subtle Peach flavour, but also not overpowered by the typical coke.

As of writing, I still have a lot left inside the box. I would update this post from time to time to share with you my thoughts on some snacks below.


  • Peach Coca-Cola
    The beverage I was waiting for. The Peach is subtle, which is nice because I wouldn’t want an overpowered cola. I hate to admit it, but, I was saving every bit of it.
  • LOOK a La Mode Party Pack
    Too many chocolates! It’s coffee-table-good, especially the Almond and Pineapple filling. The other item that you could receive if not this, is the Banana Omelette Cakes which I would love to try for it looks quite tasty. (They randomly put either item to boxes.)
  • Buttery Salted Sweet Potato Chips
    Good flavoured chips! The Butter and Salt combo is so good that I finished the snack in one sitting.
  • Minions Chocolate Wafer
    My 3-year-old cousin would looove this because he’s an avid fan of minions. It comes with a sticker that I placed in my Hobonichi journal.
  • Curry Corn Snack
    Too airy.
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon Cookies
    Honestly, I was expecting a little “meh” on this. BUT I did not expect it to be soft and chewy-good!
  • Rice Puff Carrot
    I love me a good nibbles while watching Netflix.
  • Pineapple Candy Gummies
    Took too much effort in removing the gummies from the packaging as it was so sticky.
  • Pea Stick Snack
    If you know Snacku in the Philippines, this is similar to that but less salty and crunchy. More on the the rubbery side.
  • Ramune Candy
    Melts in your mouth. Flavour is weird but addictive-weird.
  • Split Pea Snack
    I wish I had received the Veggie Potato Stick Share Pack because I already have a Pea flavoured chips in the same box. Now I have five (5) of them because the share packs comes in four (4) packs. They taste almost the same.
  • Exciting Animal Soft Candy DIY Kit
    Each month, Tokyo Treat includes a DIY candy snack in their box — and for my first DIY candy ever, I did not realize I can put together a cute snack without eating it halfway. I got the Elephant and Rabbit set of mould where you will put the Strawberry and Lemon-flavoured soft candies. Please see the gallery below for my DIY Candy creation!
  • Bear Cub Gummies
    Typical flavour of gummy-bears, in a tiny pack.
  • Terikyaki Burger Umaibo
    I like that every box comes with a single Umaibo in different flavour each month and for my first Umaibo with Tokyo Treat, I am impressed with the flavour (however, I did not enjoy that much because it was crushed inside my bag en route to the office.)